One of the main activities of Prophyl Ltd. is clean egg production. Under expression “clean egg” a product is meant which has lower exemption status than SPF egg, and is primarily used for producing inactivated vaccines for poultry. To achieve this qualification criteria, the productive livestock has to be free of Mycoplasma gallisepticum, Mycoplasma synoviae and pathogens from genus Salmonella which have public health significance and are contagious for poultry. Continuous monitoring of exemption is done at intervals and with laboratory methods specified in the European Pharmacopoeia. Beside that, there is a need for compliance of strict biological safety measures and for systematic clinical examination of the livestock. While optimising the production, the settlement of the technology during raising and production phase also provides restricted growth opportunities for microbes. As for the laying hens, appropriate immunization program is applied during the raising period and during the production, if needed.

The production takes place in our Bezedek farm. The produced eggs are sorted, candled, washed and desinfected already in the production buildings. Afterwards the appropriate eggs are transferred to the hatchery building, graded, stored and pre-incubated for 9-11 days in accordance with the customer’s request. Only the embryonated eggs with appropriate viability and being in proper stage of development are shipped from the hatchery. Transport to the intended destinations is carried out with our own fleet of vehicles designed exclusively for this purpose, providing the conditions for ensuring maintenance of embryo quality under all weather circumstances.

LayersCurrently we work with Novogen White and Novogen Tinted genetics to produce eggs with optimal quality and shell-strength. Capacity of the premises at Bezedek is 3 X 10.000 laying hens. The concentration of the different operations in one site along with egg washing/desinfection integrated into the technology ensures the high quality of the shipped embryos.

The capacity of the renovated Bezedek farm (came into action in April 2016) is 120 000 embryonated eggs weekly, which can be achieved in case of full exploitage.