In the laboratory units of our facility, we run the basic processing of samples generated during the studies and provide various kinds of basic laboratory investigations. Depending on the study type and arrangement, different samples originating from the animal phase are properly marked, documented and stored according to the sponsor’s need or GLP requirements. We usually perform certain serological examinations, white blood cell preparation, in vitro organ tests (ciliar activity test), virus isolation or titration, bacterial cultivation and bacterial resistance tests on the samples originating from the studies. In most cases, the samples are sent directly to the sponsor or to a third laboratory facility, where the specialized laboratory investigations can be performed.

To increase the range and quality of our laboratory services, a completely new laboratory unit is under development. This facility will house newly equipped specialized laboratories, cold room, incubator room, archive, researcher’s offices and a biological material production unit. Here, all the state-of-the-art laboratory methods required for the processing of the samples from the animal studies and for the production of biological materials will be available.