The company provides various activities and services to animal health industries for R&D and for production (i.e. Quality Control) related to veterinary pharmaceuticals, immunologicals, feed additives, biocides etc., in compliance with the regulatory guidelines and European Pharmacopoeia requirements. Thus we are able to cover and support all the three main phases of final product manufacturing (research and development phase, registration phase and production phase).


Our team of Study Directors can provide:

• laboratory safety studies

• laboratory efficacy studies

• residue studies

• toxicokinetic studies

• specific studies with agents requiring BSL 3 conditions

• animal nutrition studies

• complementary tests for field trials, such as challenge tests

• specific tests for batch release, such as potency, safety and extraneous agent testing

• other studies


We are committed to customer service and satisfaction, so we can perform large scale of studies according to the sponsor’s requests. Flexibility and adaptability of a team centred company are brought into our business partnership. Our team has a very low staff turnover and consists of many graduated and experienced research veterinarians, as well as scientists from other areas. All these strengths allow us to provide state-of-art solutions from early phase research all the way up to the final product registration. Moreover, we provide specific services for batch release testing.

Due to wide range of our housing opportunities, we are able to offer different study models. The origin of livestock used for studies varies from farms with SPF status to commercial stocks with different immunological status. Concerning domestic mammalian species, we can provide studies on rabbits, pigs, small- and large ruminants, horses and other species. Regarding domestic birds, we can offer studies on poultry, geese, ducks, turkeys, quail, guinea fowl and other species as well.

Project timeliness, cost efficiency and quality management are our core priorities when addressing our customer’s needs.