SPF Egg Manipulation


One of our company’s main sectors of activity is SPF egg production. What does this denomination mean? SPF (Specific Pathogen Free) eggs are produced by special laying hens free of 35 currently known poultry diseases, kept under strict technological conditions in completely isolated sheds with filtrated air and overpressure. Eggs produced under these circumstances are suitable for raw material with wide range of use in human and veterinary vaccine production, research and development activities and veterinary diagnostics.

Prophyl Ltd. started SPF egg production activities in the early 2000’s under the name of BIOVO Ltd. In the beginning, the production started in Ujistálló-Sátorhely facility in two – a few years later in three – production stables. This kind of egg production was unique in Middle Europe. Growing demands induced significant investments in 2007 at our facility in Olasz. In the course of this development we converted animal houses to SPF production technology. Consequently we doubled our annual SPF egg output. In 2014, as a part of a new investment, our capacity has been expanded again with a new, modern layer shed. The qualification and the trade of the produced eggs are fully managed by the American company Charles River Laboratories which is in contractual relationship with Prophyl Ltd as regards production.

SPF egg transporting vehicle

The eggs are transported to our partners by our specially designed, air-conditioned vehicles across whole Europe.